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20150420_174847_HDRI happened upon a very interesting project the Micro Word Clock by Daniel Rojas. I decided that I wanted a similar clock, but with some changes. I added an RTC and I changed the code a bit to support changing languages on demand. Daniel’s existing design has English, Dutch, and German.  I was able to add Spanish (two layouts) and French.

I ended up creating a new PCB because I wanted to use a DIP AT328p instead of an SMD one. I did mess up on the power connector and had to alter how it was soldered to make it work. One of the more challenging aspects of this project was creating the layouts in a way minimize the word breakage and maximize the use of the 8×8 matrix. I ended up creating an excel sheet to help me lay things out, test them, and to create the include file for each of the languages.

20150420_230820_HDR 20150420_230930_HDR